Adrienne Weiss is a Toronto-based writer. Since 1996, her writing has appeared in FireweedTaddle Creek, Canadian Literature, Kiss Machine, and Room. A first collection of poetry, Awful Gestures, appeared in 2001 with Insomniac Press (out of print), and a second, There Are No Solid Gold Dancers Anymore appeared in 2014 with Nightwood. She was also a member of the three-time Canadian Comedy Award-nominated comedy troupe, The GTOs (Girls Together Outrageously, after Pamela des Barres). The troupe performed on many Toronto stages, as well as at the Chicago Improv Festival (1999 and 2000) and the Vancouver SketchFest (2003). They were featured on WTN’s She’s So Funny and have been profiled in the Toronto Star, Globe and Mail, EYE, and NOW.

Further, she holds a BA in English (University of Toronto) and an MA in English (York University) and has a particular interest in American crime fiction. Currently, she’s trying her hand at fiction, which you can read here and here, and writing stuff for the blog, Hermit News. 

Drop her a line at nosolidgolddancers@gmail.com. Or, follow her on Goodreads: Adrienne Weiss


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