Upcoming, Recent & Neat Things

New: Two flash fictions, “The Imaginary Friend” and “The Seed,” are now live in Scapegoat Review.

New: Short fiction, “The Drive Home,” is now live in The Raven Review.

New: A poem, “Road Runner,” for Taddle Creek‘s final ever issue, No. 50: https://www.taddlecreekmag.com/road-runner

Upcoming: The great Taddle Creek is ending its glorious 25-year run this fall, and to celebrate this moment, The Taddle Creek Book, an anthology spanning 1997 to 2022 is in the works (I’m thrilled it will include one of my poems). If you’ve enjoyed Taddle Creek over the years and want to pre-order a copy, go to the following link: https://fundrazr.com/taddlecreekbook?ref=ab_1oOvPoszmqp1oOvPoszmqp.

RECENT: “The Shiva,” a short story about grief, is in the Ancestors issue of Room Magazine (45.1, https://roommagazine.com/shop/ancestors/).

RECENT-ish!: “The Witch of Limbo,” a flash fiction piece about a witch suffering in the hell that is Limbo, is in the anthology, HEXED (from Iron Faerie Publishing).

RECENT-ish!: “The Uninvited Guest,” a short fiction about a headless woman with magical powers, is in Club Plum Literary Journal (Volume 1, Issue 4).

ONE NEAT THING: Read an excerpt from Adrienne’s novel Other People’s Houses in the Pulp Issue (No. 43) of Taddle Creek:

Other People‘s Houses

ANOTHER NEAT THING: Listen to a poetry reading on the Taddle Creek Podcast.

A FEW NEAT THINGS: Poems & Interviews: Canadian Literature, Taddle Creek, Desk Space 


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