The GTOs

“Think of them as an all-female Kids in the Hall…” –D. Lypchuk, EYE, 1998.

From left to right: Adrienne Weiss, Jeanie Calleja, Gaby Hahn, Mary Crosbie, and Julie Bot.

For a decade (1997-2007), Adrienne Weiss was a member of the acclaimed comedy troupe, The GTOs (Mary Crosbie, Julie Bot, Jeanie Calleja, and Gaby Hahn), both as a performer and writer. Together, these women brought smart, edgy sketch comedy to Toronto’s stages–always pushing boundaries, always funny. These days, The GTOs play the occasional reunion show–their 20-year anniversary passed in the summer of 2017, which was celebrated by tearing up the Rivoli stage…. Who knows what the future holds? Stay tuned! In the meantime, to subscribe to their  YouTube channel, click here: The GTOs Sketch Comedy. To read about The GTOs, click on some press clippings from over the years:

Finally, for a taste of their work, view their Canadian Comedy Award-nominated film, The Bloor Witch Project (filmed in 1999, nominated for Best Screenplay and Best Female Performance in a Film, 2000):